In this tutorial you will be able to find information on the different versions that you can be found of the first album of Motley Crue "Too fast love" and like distinguishing of the others.


Too fast for love - 1st press (The original)

This is the most rare and expensive disc Motley Crue. Only was pressed 900 copies.

Come with 10 songs, included the famous "Stick to your guns".

Have a rare Japan bootleg of this LP, looks like the original but have a differences that make this bootleg easilly identifiable of the original.


To diferenciate the original press of the others copies we must see in:

  • The "MOTLEY CRUE" logo and the titled come in black and white letters.

  • In the backsleeve the central square is empty and don´t show the Vince Neil´s glasses.

  • The Vince Neil´s hair is overdimensionated and looks like a big wig. Was used and aerograph for give this look and if you see well you can appreciate it clearly.

  • The LP come inside a paper bag with insert with lyrics for a side and a band picture in the other side. This picture show Niki Sixx with cross arms over the chest. This picture (or a similar) you can see next in other of the US second press of the "Too fast for love" (with the red logo).


Too fast for love - Japan bootleg







This is the Japan bootleg of that I have spoken previously it can get to confuse to us at first sight.

To diferenciate the Japan bootleg to the original we must see in:

  • The m atrix is MC-1281.


  • The square of the center in the backsleeve show the Vince Neil´s glasses.

  • The Vince Neil´s hair has been cut for to give it a look "more normal". Too it show stumped and can´t diferenciate the contour of the hair to the bottom of the backsleeve.

  • The LP come inside a plastic bag, don't in a paper bag and come without insert.

  • In the backsleeve the titles of the Side 1 songs are missings.

  • The tittle of the song "Come on and dance" appears like "Comme on and dance".

  • Have another japan press same of this but with the difference is the letters are bigger and a different font.

    Here is a 2 pics to compare this, to the left the first press and to the right the second. You can see clearly the letters.



Too fast for love - Leathur records 2nd press








This is the second press of the "Too fast for love", too with Leathur Records.

Too we can find copies like looks like this second press but too with a lot of differences.

  • The differences of the second press edition are mainly of the first in that the logo and the name of the LP come in red and the first press come in black and white.

  • From now on and in all the pressings, the Vince Neil´s glass appears in center square of the backsleeve.

  • We can observe the hair of Vince has stood out to give a more normal aspect him, but unlike the Japan press here is show more detailed and it is possible to be differentiated clearly from the bottom.

Of this second press was pressed 2 differents released with a similar look but with a little difference:

  • In the first press of this (left picture), Nikki Sixx show with the arms crossed under his chest (this insert is the same that in the first press of the "Too fast for love") and have a little differences in the position of Vince and Tommy.

  • In the second released (right picture) Nikki Sixx appears with right arm up and Vince and Tommy have change a little its position.

  • The innersleeve is white.


Too fast for love - 2ª edición Greenworld Distribution

This is another version of the second press of Too fast for love by Leathur Records, the only difference is this copies was distributed only by "Greenworld".

We can differenciate of the other press by:

  • The sleeve comes with a metal sticker where we can read clearly "Greenworld Distribution".

  • The right down corner is cut, i heard this is because all the "Greenworld" copies was promo versions. Originally the disc comes with a sticker with the Motley Crue logo inside.

  • The innersleeve too is white.


Too fast for love - 3rd press

In this third press the differences with others pressings are principally:

  • The innersleeve show in black colour with red and white letters instead of the white color of the original one.

  • The picture of the insert show Nikki with the right arm up.

  • Insert pics show Nikki right arm up.


Too fast for love - 2005´s reedition + Single

This is a 2005 reedition by "Motley Records" that comes with a free reedition of their first single "Stick to your guns/Toast of the town" that you can see in the "Stick to your guns" tutorial.

  • We can differenciate this press of the others in which the backsleeve show the logo of "Motley Records" and the indication "Limited edition.

  • The insert show Nikki Sixx with right arm up.


Too fast for love - Canadian pressing











When Motley Crue signed with Elektra, in Canada where pressed 2 different pressings with the cover of the US second press (Leathur Records look). Too, the innersleeve is red, not white like the original US press.

The Canadian editions too have a differences:

  • In the left superior corner of the backsleeve one, it appears a leaf of maple, simbol of the Canada.

  • In the backsleeve we can easily appreciate the Elektra´s logo and that is printed in Canada.

Here are the differents canadian press that we can find:


  • First of them and rarer to find contains the song "Stick to your guns" and come indicated so much in the backsleeve one from disc like in the innesleeve. Too the songs come in a different order that the original.

  • The insert, show the original photo of the first US press, appears Nikki with the arms crossed under his chest.



  • Too have a promo version of this first canadian press with the "Stick to your guns". The only difference is that the backsleeve comes with a gold stamp where says "Promotional copy".


  • Sleeve continues showing the original and although it indicates that contains "Stick to your guns", but inside, we can verify that it does not appear.


The "Too fast for love", was released originally in cassette, come to see it:

Too fast for love - Cassette original press





Too in vinyl, el "Too fast for love" was released by Leathur Records in cassette, only was pressed 5.000 copies but a lot of them was breaks for the warm, now is probably only a little of them are saved.

In the next pics we can see any details of the cassette:

  • We can see the original Leathur logo but in red and in biggest letters.

  • In the back of the sleeve, we can see that the song "Stick to your guns" are included and it is distributed by Greenworld.

  • Too we can see this in the cassette that contain the song "Stick to your guns".

  • Here is clearly the serial number.

  • If we see in detail, the cassette is cut "by hand" and is united with cello. The cassette don´t begin with the normal protector tape of all other cassettes.

  • The cassette don´t begin with the normal protector tape of all other cassettes.