In this tutorial it would want say as the subject of the Japanese CDS in the case of Motley Crue works.

The Japanese normally comes with bonus tracks, this songs dont come in others versions. The Japan pressing can come from 1 song to 4 or more and some times comes with a second CD.

In the opther side, the Japaneses release, continuous editiones and reeditiones of such CD that at first the only thing who them difference is the OBI, and at this moment you will ask yourself, ¿what fuck*** is the OBI? then simply, the OBI is a strip or band of paper that took the Japanese LPS (when there were Japanese LPS) and now take the CDS where usually it appears information of the band, publicity, price of the CD, etc.

Aside from Japan, also there are countries that sometimes accompany some by their CDS with OBIS, and occur cases in some Asian edition, but also you can find it in some russian edition.



We can find (good, not so many) editions infinite and reeditions of discs of Motley Crue since it seems to be that every certain time they have the will be necessity to publish the discography of the band (by enchanted me).

Thus, we can find CDS such but with OBIS of different color and this is because they were published in different years and for that reason the OBI comes with different colors.

Let us see some example next but before there is an important thing that they take to the OBIS and that helps us to know when really they were published.

Of this form and if we paid attention well to the OBIS, these usually takes to a small strip with numbers that correspond with the date of publication of each CD. The problem now is that in all the OBIS it does not appear clearly this date reason why sometimes it is almost impossible to know when disc was published and also sometimes make you doubt since they appear two together dates.

Let us see next examples of the types of of OBIS that you can be found:

Here we can see 2 OBIS before 1989 where is impossible know the year of the released and we only know if we know previously the year of the released. This OBI is used in pressing before 1989. This is the best type of OBI that you can find, you can see clearly date of the released in november, 25 of 1991.

In this 2 OBIS we can see clearly that was released in 1994 and show two times the date, in one only the month and the years and in the second the day, month and year.

Too we can find this type of OBI very seemed to the previous OBIS but with 3 dates, 2 of them are like the previous OBI that show the first press with 2 differents types of date and a third type that show the actual pressing. And soon we have this type of OBIS where they appear 3 different dates, where oldest (99.6.29) one corresponds with the first edition of the disc in 1999, the second oldest one (03.10.22) is of a reedicion of the 2003 and the most modern date (04.4.21) is the one of the present edition of the disc in 2004. Is most complete since it gives an idea you of other editions that you can not have in your collection.


Once we have already seen that we must watch in the OBI to know when they were published, we are going to see different examples from OBIS:

OBI of "Girls, girls girls" 1st press of 1987 with black OBI. OBI of "Decade of decadence" 1st press of 1991 with golden OBI. OBI of "Raw Tracks" 1st press of 1987 in white color. Is very similar to the "Forever Young Series" OBI that you can see next. This is the OBI of the "Forever Young Series" or also we can call it "Economic Serie".

OBI of "Motley Crue" 1st press of 1994. OBI of the 1999 reedition, all with yellow OBI. Here we can see 2 differents OBIS of the same pressing of the "Generation Swine" of 1999.
The left OBI is of the normal press and the right OBI of the special edition with a little book with pictures.

The letf OBI is of the "Greatest hits" of 1998 and the right OBI is the same but of the 2002 reedition released by Universal with blue OBI. This is another OBI of the Universal released 2 years later, in 2004 but with black OBI.

OBI of the Japan mini LPS released in 1999 with black OBI. OBI of the Japan mini LPS released in 1999 with purple OBI. OBI of the korean press of "Generation swine".

OBI of russian press of the "Carnival of sins". One of the sides of the OBI is not that it is the other way around, but that comes from the factory misfortune.

The 2 Japan press of the mini LPS comes in a cardboard case. This OBIS aren't of Japan press.

Since you will have been able to verify is a true mess reason why i hope that this small tutorial can serve to you as aid in case you have some doubt.

In any case, you will be able to see all the OBIS in the page of each record.